White Underbelly

Snowy Mountain Brewery Key West 2013 Race #2 Shows Its Soft White Underbelly

on NOVEMBER 13, 2013 in NEWS, PHOTOS

Driven by Brian Forehand and throttled and owned by Michael “Doc” Janssen, the 29-foot Outerlimits Snowy Mountain Brewery appeared to take an easy victory over the Superboat Vee fleet today in the Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships. But while the team’s win—its second in the three-race SBI Worlds format—this morning was decisive, the conditions made it anything but easy, according to Janssen.


Snowy Mountain Brewery showed its soft white underbelly. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden

“It was a lot more challenging out there today than Wednesday,” said Janssen. “Today was one of those days when I felt especially lucky to have Brian Forehand driving. “We went up in the air and got sideways, and he was able to correct it. With anybody else behind the wheel, we probably would have spun out.”

Despite the harrowing moment captured in this image provided by Janssen, the three-time Superboat Vee world champion said he feels confident heading into Sunday’s final race.

“Now we control our own destiny,” he said. “We’re exactly where we wanted to be.”

Snowy Mountain Brewery Repeats—As it did on Wednesday, Snowy Mountain Brewery led the Superboat Vee class from start to finish. The 29-foot Outerlimits driven by Brian Forehand and throttled by Michael “Doc” Janssen took no time running away from the rest of the single-engine V-bottom fleet. While nothing is over until the final race on Sunday is run, the Snowy Mountain team’s chances of earning a fourth Superboat Vee world championship are good.


Dominant back-to-back wins have positioned Snowy Mountain Brewery for another world title on Sunday.