Snowy Mountain Brewery Took Two-Crew Approach Into Key West Worlds

With a win yesterday in the first race of the Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championship, the Snowy Mountain Brewery’s strategy of bringing two cockpit crews to the event and letting the best one shine appears to be working.

Based on the test sessions, the team decided that Michael “Doc” Janssen and Brian Forehand would handle the cockpit duties, while Dan Davies would take on the crew chief role and Mark Tuck would be in charge of setup. And that’s the plan heading into tomorrow’s race as well.

“We did a lot of testing and compared performance with all four of us, both crews, on Tuesday, and as in any professional sport we made a decision Tuesday evening of what would be the best combination of driving crew for the conditions—and it paid off,” said Janssen. “Wednesday was only an appetizer for a full week of racing. If you have target on your back, I guess, you have to be in front of those shooting at you.”